Vehicle LED Tail Lights

North American Signal Company

North American Signal CompanyPROBE’s safety lighting range offers signaling products available in 12V/80V and 220V – AC. Complete availability of spares and replacement batteries. Lenses available in red, blue, clear, green, violet and amber which are also available in magnetic and pipe type mountings.


Products include:

  • Strobe Lights – 2 Head Strobe Kits
  • Battery Powered Strobes
  • Traffic Safety Devices
  • Action-Light Mini Bars
  • Micro Mini-Bars
  • Mid Size and Full Size Light Bars
  • Remote Power Supply Strobe Kits
  • LED Warning Light Products
  • Rotating Lights
  • Back Up Alarms
  • Sirens & Speakers

LED Tail Lights

Probe offers a full range of LED TAIL LIGHTS in the Super Diode range as well as a more economical Probe LED range.

LED Work Lights

Probe has the latest technology Grote LED WORK LIGHTS for on highway and off road applications. This offers greater lighting with minimal amperage draw, hense saving on batteries when your vehicle is in stationary mode. This is a must for all earthmoving, construction and standby vehicles.

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